Predictive Dialer

Predictive dialer (also featuring preview mode) is a great solution for increasing workforce productivity and utilization when contacting large lists of leads. No manual dialing, no waiting for calls to answer, no unanswered calls, what could be better? We are at Dalnet Contact Center are focused on the following goals in continued development and operation of our predictive dialer :

High productivity and
Utilization of the workforce

Maximized call success rate

Easy list management

Helping you to stay in compliance

High Productivity and Utilization with the DALnet Predictive Dialer

DALnet Predictive Dialer features a unique high-performance prediction algorithm, taking into account a number of factors collected in the past, and those foreseen to happen after the call decision is made, to maximize the productive time of an outbound agent. Even when operating with agent pool sizes of around 15 agent and list success rates at vicinity of 1%, the dialer manages to pull a respectable 85% occupancy.

One of the features helping to maintain high occupancy is linked campaigns, when lower priority campaign starts dialing when higher priority campaign is out of time window or is exhaused.

The dialer features customizable forms with data input fields and accelerator buttons, as well as simultaneous 3rd-party URL screen pops for integration with other systems. Personal agent playback prompts help to save agent effort when talking.

The predictive dialer is able to tell answering machines during call progress with 85% accuracy on a mixed pattern of live answers and answering machines. (Beware of vendors advertising 90% accuracy, usually achieved on answering machine-only samples.)