Inbound Call Center

What makes a great inbound call center provider? Is it the ability to answer a customer’s call quickly, efficiently and with low queue wait times? Those are some of the key elements in delivering good service to your customers and we provide at all of those.

One of the biggest advantages of implementing a Cloud Call Center solution is that it eliminates the high cost of investing in new hardware, network infrastructure and software licenses in order to get the latest and most advanced inbound call center technologies.

Because our call center software is delivered via the Internet,or VPN over Internet or use leased line to our Cloud Server, we assume responsibility for all maintenance and upgrades, including integration with leading CRM systems and overall application performance. DALNET CLOUD CONTACT CENTER is significantly reduces the strain on company’s IT departments.

DALNET CLOUD CONTACT CENTER solutions for inbound call centers help you deliver outstanding customer experiences. You’ll have the tools you need to immediately connect callers with the right agents, scale capacity when inbound call center volumes spike, and boost agents’ productivity while enabling quick first contact resolution.


DALNET CLOUD CONTACT CENTER have partnership with PT Telkom Indonesia to provide inbound call center number and have ability to deliver FAST, CHEAP and FLEXIBLE

  • Inbound Call Center 1500XYZ and 14XYZ
  • Inbound Call Center 080X-1-XXXXXX