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Cost-saving-cut Telepon Hemat DALnet System hadir untuk memberikan solusi untuk penghematan kebutuhan telepon kantor anda. Solusi penghematan telepon kantor dan bagaimana menghemat biaya telepon kantor tanpa mengeluarkan biaya? Kontak kami 021 80681288 sekarang dan dapatkan garansi penghematan telepon kantor sampai 70% tanpa biaya investasi (sewa alat,abonemen,pendaftaran,dll) perusahaan hanya membayar pemakaian telepon saja yang sudah hemat. Berikut layanan unggulan kami :

CLOUD Contact Center

Dalnet contact center is the Indonesia leading cloud-based call center software solution. Our easy-to-use out-of-the-box call center software solution helps growing businesses improve customer satisfaction, while simultaneously reducing customer support costs.

Using Dalnet contact center, businesses can create an entire call center in the browser in 8 minutes. Unlike other outdated and costly solutions that require a long setup and big upfront investment, Dalnet contact center requires no phones, no hardware, no coding and no downloads – all that is needed is a computer and an internet connection and 100% is web based

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Business phone systems for your office have now become even easier and more flexible than ever before. DALNET SYSTEM offers a cloud PBX that blows away the competition. Our cloud PBX has the power and features to run a small to medium sized business phone system without the hardware, installation costs, and upkeep requirements of a traditional bulky office phone system. You are only required to manage the IP telephones in your office.

Our cloud hosted PBX removes the need for in house support technicians to manage and maintain your PBX. The role of management is taken care of by us. We have expert technicians on hand at all times to manage and maintain your cloud hosted PBX. Because the VoIP Hosted PBX is being served from cloud based servers, it is extremely fast and reliable. What does this mean to you? It means more money saved, faster connections, less downtime, and more affordable rates. Having to purchase, install and maintain a PBX only takes away valuable resources from your growing business. Let DALNET SYSTEM help you move your business into an era of growth and expansion by eliminating waste in your telecommunications budget.


No matter what size your business is, your office phone bill probably has a significant impact on your bottom line. Long-distance (SLJJ), Cell phone calls, and other communication costs can add up in a hurry. Why not use a FLEXI OFFICE number and save on your office phone bill? FWT Office Solution can provide you with a cheap rate per second based real time charging to Local,SLJJ,GSM Selular all Operator to help meet your communication need.

Product featured :

  • Simple 1 day active (Langsung Kring)
  • Reduce up to 70% office phone saving (Guarantee)
  • Fixed Wireless Terminal Technology (Plug to office PABX)
  • Free Abonemen
  • Only pay the usage
  • Minimum 2 phone line

IP Telephony

If you’ve already got an IP PBX System and are spending lot cost a month in phone service, you might be looking for ways to lower all your calling costs—without replacing your phone system or phones. Why not reduce your monthly phone bills by running IP TELEPHONY. it allows any compatible IP-PBX or even your existing old telephone equipment to use our IP TELEPHONY connection to deliver phone numbers and dial tone.with use direct line fiber optic to your IP-PBX or your existing PABX system.

Product featured:

  • Premium quality
  • Reduce up to 70% office phone saving (Guarantee)
  • SIP Trunking technology with leased line Telkom Fiber Optic
  • Free Abonemen
  • Free IP PBX Server for Call Center
  • Only Pay the usage
  • Minimum 30 line