Outbound Call Center

With our system and partnership with the biggest telecommunication provider, we deliver a cheap price outbond call , with per second based price we can guarantee the price is more lower that other competitor and guarantee low-cost outbond call.

Our contact center outbound features allow you to import a list or pull directly from your CRM, we will screen pop your CRM through any of our campaign methods – predictive, preview, power or progressive – so you can easily take notes and move on to your next customer.



DALNET CLOUD CONTACT CENTER provides the robust, cloud predictive, preview, power and progressive dialers to automate your outbound activities. In any industry, when you regularly run outbound campaigns and are looking for ways to improve your productivity, the DALNET CLOUD CONTACT CENTER dialer can help. Because the software is cloud-based, it’s easy to set up and use. And, because it is available on-demand, you only pay for the staffing you need, easily adding people as your business grows with our concurrent pricing.

Predictive, preview, power, and progressive dialers do it all for you automatically: they run through your contacting lists across multiple campaigns, detect answering machines and busy signals, avoid “do-not-contact” lists and numbers to ensure compliance with regulations, and automatically adjust the dialing pace according to agent availability and abandon rate thresholds.